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Thank you!

The Family Grandiose is pleased that Advice from Sir Charles Grandiose is featured in the book, What's On the Web, from Internet Media. It is also delighted to have been praised in the Cyberia section of The Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper, featured in the June '96 issue of Internet Underground, and highlighted in Entertainment Weekly's '96 Summer Cool Issue.

Advice from Sir Charles Grandiose has been chosen as a Spider's Pick of the Day and a Humor Site of the Every Other Day. It has also been a Cool Site of the Day for July, 1997.

Lady Felicia's seamstress is Mrs. A. Tatnall [Note from Lady Felicia: She is overfond of Kingfisher Blue.].

Young Penelope Windsor-Smythe's equestrian trainer is Miss T. Shadforth [Note from young Penelope Windsor-Smythe: Her hair is lovely, but not as lovely as mine.].

Sir Charles' secretary is Mr. V. Briceland (Note from Sir Charles: Were one not quite so annoyed with him, one would almost feel sorry for the thick-skulled lad.)

Finally, the staff of Blandsdown and the Family Grandiose wishes to thank the many wonderful readers who take the time to read the column, submit their clever inquiries, share us with their friends, or place links to the column on their personal home pages.

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