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Write to us!

What would this column be without letters from the seething legions of readers who adore the Grandiose family? Certainly the poorer. Reader, consider leaving your contribution here. But first, a few questions, asked frequently:

How many of the letters on these pages are from Sir Charles's readers, and how many are manufactured by his flunkies to create the illusion of a vast and appreciative audience?

The servants of the Grandiose family fabricate fewer than one of every twenty letters to the honourable baronet and his family. If only they could say the same of his Christmas cards.

Even those letters from Mabel and Chatsy and distant Grandiose friends and family members?

Especially Mabel and the infamous Chatsy and other assorted hangers-on. If past associates of Sir Charles Grandiose and members of his extended family choose to write on occasion, we feel it is our duty to pass them on to the good sir with a discreet earmarking to denote 'top priority'.

If I write, what are the chances of my letter being included in a column?

Quite, quite good. Most letters to the family are answered within two to three weeks. Letters of extreme vulgarity will probably be tossed for Lady Felicia's spaniels (Pippin and La Fontaine) to worry to bits.

A quick browse through the library should give you an idea of the sorts of letters the family enjoys.

I can't use forms. How can I address my mail to the baronet?

Sir Charles Grandiose may be mailed at the following address: charles@grandiose.com

The Lady Felicia and young Penelope Windsor-Smythe receive mail at the respective addresses: felicia@grandiose.com and penelope@grandiose.com

Sir Charles' idiot secretary, if he must be contacted to clear up pesky 'typos' and such, receives mail at: vance@grandiose.com


Write to Sir Charles Grandiose

If you use the form below, all fields must be filled in. Your identity will not be shared.

Nom de plume?

And your email address?

To whom do you wish to address your missive? (The usual recipient is Sir Charles himself, although for more delicate subjects, one may wish to write the Lady Felicia. Young Penelope Windsor-Smythe, although she is usually attending to those duties that befit she who is ninetieth in line for the throne, may also respond, if asked politely and with clean nails.)

One may enter one's letter in the box below. Contrary to what commoners say, penmanship does count.

In order that we might print the pesky things, all letters and their copyright become the property of Sir Charles' secretary. [Note from Sir Charles Grandiose: And what a frightening concept that is.]

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